Professional rug repair, wash, restoration and rug valuation services

At Samarkand Gallery we are grateful for being a family business and having over two decades of rug knowledge.
We provide a complete rug sale and service in Daylesford, Mornington and Melbourne, all under one roof.

Washing service:
Our rug washing is deep clean and not surface. We beat the rug first to get all dirt and soil out, then the entire rug is hand washed and completely emersed in water for a full rug bath, which is traditional rug washing technique.
We do not use harsh chemicals as they may damage the fibre or colour of your rug, instead we use organic detergents which removes dirt and stains, resulting in your rug looking revitalized and fresh.

Professionally washing your rugs on a regular basis will remove soil, sand and animal proteins, resulting in true bright colors of the weave and overall longevity of your beloved rugs.

We recommend washing your much loved rugs every 2-3 years.

Our rug wash service consists of:
General rug wash ( pile rugs, wool, cotton, silk and flat weave Kilim)
*Moth damaged rugs
*Stain removal
Washing process takes 7-14 days.
You will need to drop your rugs at one of our stores (Daylesford or Mornington) and collect when completed.

Please contact us, if you want your rugs to be picked and delivered.

Expert Rug Repairs:
As time passes your rugs will have general wear and will need expert repair to help maintain their appearance and prevent further damage.

Repairing a rug requires a very deep knowledge of rugs, their knots, dye type and construction of the threads.

Many years of continuous skilled practice and knowledge will make a rug repairer, an expert.

As we like to call a repairer a “surgeon” and a rug maker a “doctor”.
On the other hand a poor repair job will devalue your rug and will not look good.
We are grateful for having an expert repair team who can take care of all your rug repair needs, from minor fringes, salvages to complete rug restoration and re-weave.

Non-Slip felt rug underlay
We stock premium quality Non-Slip felt underlay for hard surfaces (timber floors, tiles and stones) and soft carpet surfaces.

As the name suggests, it will stop rug slippage, add extra comfort under feet and feel very soft to walk on.

We will cut the Non-Slip felt underlay to the exact size of your rug to ensure complete coverage and maximize performance.

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